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What is custom touring?
We customize each and every tour to the specific needs of the individual client or group. Essentially that means we take into account your tastes, preferred style, and desired level of luxury, and make it happen. It means you have a one-off, tailor-made, special tour that revolves around your wishes.
What services do you offer on a customized tour?
The sky is the limit! If you can think of it, we can make it happen. As a bespoke service we will provide you with all of the elements that are important to you, including how you travel, where you stay, where you eat and what activities you engage in. From the moment you arrive you will be completely taken care of, and we will arrange all the necessary bookings for you. We will provide you with a tailor-made, attentive service, that is adaptable and affords you with the luxury of doing as much or as little as you wish.
What do you recommend as the ideal length of a trip?
It really depends on the wishes of the group. However, five to twenty days seems to be the norm, although we can certainly arrange longer trips, and can incorporate visiting more than one country if you wish.
Can we combine more than one country?
Yes of course, the beauty of creating a custom tour with us is that the possibilities are endless, as long as you have the time. It is relatively straight forward to combine a multi-country trip incorporating Ireland – Scotland – England and or Wales. However, it is worth considering that for your comfort, and to make the most out of each country you visit, we would recommend a minimum stay of five days in any one country.
Can we combine sightseeing with our golf vacation?
Yes, again we appreciate not all groups wish to golf every day, and often not all members of the travelling party are golfers. We can make a number of suggestions for non-golfing activities, including visiting places of historical or cultural interest, and can make the necessary arrangements for you if you wish
Are there any annual events worth considering?
There is always a rich diary of events planned in each town or village within each destination. If you wish your tour to coincide with an event such as The British Open, the Ryder Cup or a local festival please let us know and we will add it to your wish list.
When would you suggest we travel?
The ideal window to take a golfing tour in Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales would be April to October, although the links play perfectly all year round. Taking a trip during these times maximises the chances of good weather and longer daylight.
How far in advance can we book?
It is never too early to book with Thru The Links. In fact we regularly have larger groups planning two to three years in advance, especially where it involves a special occasion with large families, celebrating a special birthday or other events. In reality, the more time we have to plan each detail the more special your trip becomes.
Can you guarantee we can play the golf courses we want?
Yes, but we need your help. Although many of the premier courses are private members clubs, with limited visitor times, we have strong relationships with them and with enough lead in-time, and flexibility in your travel dates, we can book in advance. Booking in advance gives many advantages; getting the right tee times that fit your schedule perfectly.
How do I contact you?
You can contact us at Thru The Links by email or by filling out a trip enquiry form, but we are always glad to speak to people directly by telephone. All our contact details can be found by following the link to the Contact Us page, via the top navigation bar. Please note that to call from the USA & Canada you should use our toll free number:
What information do you need from me or my group to start planning?
The basic information to get started would be your potential dates, number of people intending to travel (and how many will be golfing), preferred destination country(s), and your budget. If you are able to fill out the enquiry form, it will give us a good head start. The more information you can give us, the better an experience we can give you.
How do I proceed with a booking?
We will need you to fill in our trip booking form which we will send to you, or talk to one of our trip specialists. We customize the golfing and sightseeing tour to your group’s needs and we will need to discuss your ideal level of service. We will need a lead representative as point of contact on behalf of your group.
Do we need golf handicaps?
Yes – proof of your golfing standard may be asked for at each golf club. Your GHIN Index card or handicap certificate will suffice.
What happens when we arrive?
You will be met by a representative of Thru The Links Ltd in the airport arrival hall, from where you will be escorted to your vehicle and meet driver/guide. We will be on hand throughout your tour to address any needs that may arise.
Can you help with choosing restaurants?
Yes indeed – we will make arrangements on your behalf or advise the best places to suit your preferred tastes or wish list.
Can you make recommendations on nightlife?
Absolutely – we know the best pubs, theatres, live music venues, clubs and annual events taking place in the vicinity of your travel destinations
What do you need from us for the vacation to be confirmed?
We will need to receive a trip booking form, along with a deposit for each person travelling.
How can we pay?
We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & American Express), wire transfer or cheque.
Can we pay in US Dollars?
What happens once we pay our deposit?
Once your deposit has been received you will receive your confirmation document, which contains the specifics of your tour details. We will then spend more time with you, fine-tuning the arrangements, so that we can make the specific bookings you require, for example restaurants and sight seeing.
When is our final payment due?
Typically we require full and final payment 66 days prior to your arrival date. The specific date for your final payment can be found on your confirmation document.
Some of us want to come in earlier than the others, can you help?
Absolutely! One of the key benefits of travelling with Thru The Links is our flexibility. We would be only too happy to make the necessary arrangements so that your pre-tour and/or post-tour arrangements run together smoothly with the main tour, including booking additional accommodation, golfing or whatever else you require.
What happens if we want or need to change our travel plans?
The first thing to do is to let us know, as soon as possible. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your new request, and we make every effort to minimise the additional costs for you. Thru The Links does not "charge a change of arrangements fee" as standard, but some costs may be unavoidable when making new arrangements.
Can we reserve caddies or carts at the golf clubs?
We would highly recommend that you take a caddy, and will be glad to make the request on your behalf. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be provided with a caddie. Carts are not available at many of the links courses, due to their specific characteristics, and in other cases you may be required to provide a medical certificate before you are able to hire one.
Can we arrange Spa bookings before we arrive?
We primarily deal with four and five star establishments, where there is typically a high demand for spa and beauty treatments. As such, we do advise that you make bookings before you arrive, and we would be only too happy to help you with this.
What documents should we bring?
The most important document to bring is your passport. To be valid, it needs to be in date, with at least six months to run at the time of travel.
What currency should I bring?
It is worthwhile having at least a little local currency with you when you arrive (the Euro if travelling to Ireland, and Pounds Sterling for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
What is the easiest way to get money when we are away?
We would also recommend that you bring an ATM card to enable you to access funds at your destination, to save carrying large amounts of cash when you travel, and because this is more cost effective than using travellers cheques. You should also be able to use your credit card, with you PIN. You will usually get the best rate of exchange through your own bank.
Can we ship our golf clubs over to you?
Yes. Please ask us well in advance for details of how this service can be arranged.
If anyone needs to contact us while we are away can you help?
You are welcome to provide people with our main office telephone number, and our staff will make every effort to get in contact with you, and if they are unable, they will take the message and pass it on.
Will my cell phone work?
We recommend that you discuss this with your service provider at home, before you make the trip. You will certainly be able to purchase a cell locally during your trip if you do experience any difficulties
Is there a 24hr back-up service during our trip?
Yes, you will be supplied with a local contact number that will be staffed 24 hours per day, so that we can respond immediately to any difficulties, should they arise.
Are there any golf books you would recommend?
Yes. As the time of your trip draws near, we will be glad to provide you with a list of ‘recommended reads’.
Will my hotel have Wi-Fi ?
Yes, the majority of hotels we deal with do have Wi-Fi in the rooms, although there is usually a charge for this. However many do also have Business Centres where you can access Wi-Fi facilities.
What is the electric current/voltage in the places I will be staying?
In both Ireland and the United Kingdom the voltage is 220v, as opposed to 110v in the USA. You will definitely need a converter/adapter in order to power up your essential electronics .
Where do we meet your staff at the airport?
We will have pre-arranged a meeting point once you have collected your luggage where you will be met by our representative. The meet and greet representative will be holding a Thru The Links sign displaying your name (or group name) and flight number.
What do I do if I can’t find your staff member?
We will provide you with a local telephone number for our representative, which you should call from a pay phone in the airport should you have difficulty finding him/her. Additionally, you should listen out for the public address system as we may be trying to contact you via that medium.
What happens if our bags do not show up?
In the case of mislaid baggage, they are typically retrieved within 24 hours. You will need to contact the customer services personnel of your airline carrier and will have to fill in a form, providing them with your local contact details so that they can arrange to have the baggage returned to you.
What happens if our flight is delayed?
In the unfortunate event of a delay in your flight we would appreciate it if you could contact us as soon as you are able, and we will do all that we can to ensure that arrangements are affected in as minimal a way as possible.
What happens if we miss our connecting flight?
In the unfortunate event of missing your connecting flight we would appreciate it if you could contact us as soon as you are able, and we will do all that we can to ensure that arrangements are affected in as minimal a way as possible.
Are service charges and gratuities included?
All local taxes and service charges are already included in your tour, in addition to portorage, which is also included. However gratuities are not included in the package and should be handled by you, at your own discretion
How do we pay our caddie and cart fees?
Caddie and cart fees are not included in the tour, and should be paid in cash on the day to the caddie/caddie master.
How much on an average are caddie and cart fees?
Average fees are between £35-£50 (plus tip)/€45-€65 (plus tip).
What happens if we want to add on an extra round of golf?
Where there is availability, and where this runs smoothly with your existing itinerary, we would be happy to arrange this for you.
Can I claim tax back on local purchases?
Yes you can. Please ask at the retailer, at the point of purchase, for a tax re-claim form. We can provide you with more details of this as the need arises.
Can I ship my purchases home?
Yes. Some retailers offer this service as complementary, depending on the quantity and value of the purchase you make. If the retailer does not provide this service we can arrange it for you.
How much should we tip our driver?
This information will be in your final information pack
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